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iOS4 release date today, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch users get feature upgrades

iOS4 release date today: The iOS4 mobile software from Apple is ready for its eagerly awaiting fans today. As the Apple iPhone 4 gets ready to be available for sale on June 24th, Apple has made its iOS4 ready for download from iTunes 9.2 today.

The launch brings a host of new features to some of the iPhone and iPod models and to the iPad. The latest software by Apple brings a whole new set of features for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch, the iPad version will get to see the same in autumn.

Lots of new features in iOS4 make for major upgrade in the features. First and foremost is the multitasking feature which was the most talked about feature and hugely desired by many iPhone users. This allows the users to run and switch between third party applications without the need to close them down. Next on the list is the Folders feature. With the new Folders feature the user will be able to organize all his favorite apps in separate folders and install many more such apps on their iPhone.

Another new feature that will be available to iPhone users by the latest iOS4 is the upgraded e mail feature. The software makes available a unified inbox that enable the user to see messages from all of his accounts in one inbox. He will also be able to manage emails by threads and open attachments in third party apps. For the e-Book reader, the software also brings the latest iBooks apps where they will be able to browse the iBooks store and purchase iBooks to read them on their iPhone.

With the latest iOS4 software the iPod customers will be able to create their own playlists without the need to hook onto the iTunes. The onboard iOS4 software gives the 3 MP camera a good leap to 5 MP with 5 x digital zoom and tap to focus. The users can also record high definition videos at 720p at 30 fps. The front facing camera now supports video conferencing called FaceTime that works on Wi-Fi in landscape and portrait mode. The software also makes available iAds, the latest ad platform that builds ads into apps.