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iPhone 4 line: People line up in huge numbers, iPhone 4 problems reported

After the huge build up leading to the launch of the Apple iPhone 4, the day has finally arrived, when the Apple iPhone lovers can finally get their hands on the piece of beauty. People have made long lines for iPhone 4 and some have stood in lines since very early hours.

The people of US, UK, France, Germany and Japan have finally got their chance to own the new smartphone from Apple. Though Apple has worked on some of the iPhone 4 problems like camera making it 5MP compared to 3 MP, some of the users have reported new iPhone 4 problems like signal strength.

The newest addition to the Apple roster- the iPhone 4 has hit the Apple stores, WallMart and Padioshack outlets today and there were huge lines seen in front of the stores. The buyers in the iPhone 4 lines have reportedly been standing in front of the outlets or rather sleeping in front of the outlets from yesterday nights just for getting the first Apple iPhone 4.

Another reason for the iPhones lines, in front of the outlets to be so huge is the problems that were encountered during the preordering period including the shortage of order and unavailability of the white colored model of the iPhone. However the white colored model is still not available and will only be available from July.

The most interesting wannabuys from the iPhone 4 line included a pair of friends from the Torrington Conn who were the first in the reservation line and wanted to be a part of the party, the other desperate wannabuys from the iPhones line included a mother son pair who had brought their luxury lawn chair with them and was resting with it and playing with their iPhone 3GS. The mother wanted to buy the iPhone as a birthday gift for her son.

The iPhone 4 is available in 16GB and 32GB capacities for $199 and $299, respectively. The phone is initially available in black, with a white model of the phone delayed until July. The new phone boasts a redesigned form factor with an improved display, an enhanced camera on the phone's back, and a front-facing camera designed to work with the new FaceTime video-conference feature. That will allow iPhone 4 users to talk face-to-face over a Wi-Fi connection.

Seeing the huge demand that the iPhone 4 users have shown on the first day it seems that Apple’s sales records are going to hit a new all-time high. However the rush can also be just initial one and may shred off as the days pass, So, one will have to just wait and watch whether the sales from new device wipe away all the other records from the record book or just goes as any another release from Apple hot to start and cool to continue.