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Nokia brings Nokia messaging services in 22 languages in India

Nokia has gone ahead and caught the pulse of the Indian mobile market by launching its messenger service. With the launch of this service, Nokia has tapped the potential available  in the form of business customers who need to stay in touch while on the move.

Now customers can always access emails at the click of a button no matter where they are. HTML-formatted emails, Support 22 local languages and Client and support for up to 10 IMAP sub folders are some of the features of the latest messaging service release.

Nokia’s messaging service in simple terms is a push email that offers ease in multiple managing email accounts. The service is capable of supporting 10 popular most widely used email services. These include Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff, Indiatimes, and Sify to name a few. This means that the users can now perform myriad functions be it create, send, forward or delete messages. Folders such as sent, Drafts, inbox, outbox etc can also be managed.

Nokia’s decision of starting Nokia messaging service in India is based on a lot of research and market study on customer trends and expectations. As per the data available to Nokia, the existing six million mail users are expected to go up to 130 million in 2014.

Also there is a market of three million active users all over the world for messaging services waiting to be tapped. India is placed decently in this figure at fifth position. “"People are looking at messaging services as an enhanced business tool” Nokia India Managing Director and Vice President D Shivakumar said.

Nokia is expecting Nokia messaging service to climb up the popularity charts. This is not only because it is the need of the hour for mobile users but also as this service is being offered free of cost. This is presently on a trial basis and may need an operator plan for continuity in future. Underlining this fact Shivakumar said, “We are confident that with our decision to offer it free of cost, we will see a significant surge in adoption of email and messaging services in the country,” he added.

Nokia messaging service is available on as many as 21 S60 Nokia devices. All one needs to get started is a existing POP or IMAP e-mail account, a wireless data service plan and obviously a Nokia handset installed with Nokia Messaging software.