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LG GU 220 and GU 285 mobile: Price, Features and Specifications

LG GU 220 and GU 285 price in India

LG GU-220 and the GU-285 are the two latest offerings by LG Electronics in order to capture the young entertainment seeking customers. LG has taken care that while the pricing is kept down quality entertainment is offered through these devices. Both the phones are slider phones. Both these phones, LG GU-220 and the LG GU-285 are priced at Rs 4500 and Rs 6500 respectively.

LG GU-285 is a sleek colorful device whose metallic look is sure to catch your attention. Now navigation is made much simpler and quicker by provision of hot key and multitasking key. The phone comes equipped with two cameras, one at the rear end and the other a VGA one. While you can click away to glory your favorite images with the rear end 1.5 mp camera, the VGA camera enables you to take portraits of yourself.

Not just this imaging and video calling is also supported by VGA during usage of 3G. 580 hours standby time and talk time up to 10 hours would leave you with zero worries about battery backup.

LG GU-285 has loads to offer in the entertainment arena. The phone comes with a 6 built-in equalizers to enable listeners an enjoyable musical experience. Along with music player, FM Radio is also provided. Bluetooth with A2DP, GPRS and EDGE ensure that users are connected no matter what they are.

5 email accounts can be configured using EDGE. Social networking which is the young generation’s pulse these days is made easier with the “RockeTalk application which is in built in the device.  The avid news followers have an application just carved out for them, NewsHunt. The handsets memory can be expanded to a whooping 8GB.

LG GU-220 is pretty much the same as LG GU-285 except that it is not a 3G phone. The difference comes in the camera as well. Though it is similar in features like screen size, connectivity and entertainment it comes only with one camera. There is a VGA camera supported. The 1.5 MP camera as in LG GU-285 is not supported. Connectivity with EDGE is not supported. The phone does not have Stereo Bluetooth as in LG GU-285 and lacks music player. It has FM Radio and games instead.


LG GU 220 and GU 285 mobile: Price, Features and Specifications
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