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Zen S10 price in India, Zen S10 slider phone price and features 2MP camera

Zen S10 price in India

Zen Mobile has announced the launch of their new mobile handset. Zen S10. A new multimedia slider phone with metallic finish has been announced by the company on Monday. This mobile is said to be a good feature pack and with a decent price tag.

According to the Zen Mobile company, this Zen S10 slider mobile phone is priced at Rs. 4,999. Coming to the features, Zen S10 got all the latest features that a multimedia mobile phone usually have. It comes with a 2 mega pixel camera, MP3/MP4 music support and other general features like FM.

Zen S10 seems to be a good value for its money. The Zen S10 features are its 2MP camera with flash, high end metallic finish, dual SIM support, bright 2.2 TFT screen, FM and nice and sleek slider design. The 2MP camera would be a decent feature, and not to forget the flash option which makes it much better.

The colorful 2.2 TFT display lets users to have a good multimedia experience including watching videos and images. Keeping the hot dual SIM trend in mind, Zen Mobile has launched yet another dual SIM mobile phone in the form of Zen S10.

Zen S10 comes with a good multimedia support. With multimedia features like MP3/MP4 support, video support and FM, you are not short of any mobile entertainment features. Zen S10 supports up to 4GB of extended memory, and good news is that Zen S10 will be available with a free 2GB memory card. Zen S10 has the up-to-date features in connectivity department too. Zen S10 has Bluetooth option, and apart from it, you can transfer your files using USB cable. So all in all, a good piece of GSM dual SIM mobile, with style and looks as its key features.

Zen S10 price is Rs. 4,999 as set by the company, with a free 2GB card. By going with the features, this price might be a little higher. We can see similar UIs and features in every other brand like Zen Mobile. In fact, the price of them is much lesser with having more or less the same features of Zen S10.

But Zen S10 has a 2MP and camera and a flash which can be considered as good value for money, and also Zen S10 got sleek and stylish looks with a shiny metallic surface finish that makes this slider mobile much hotter!


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