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Zen M111 price in India, Zen M111 price and features GSM phone with 3 SIM

Zen M111 Price in India

After Akai trio now Zen mobile is also aiming for the latest technology of triple Sims. Zen mobile which is a leading Indian mobile company and It is about to launch the first GSM handset that to with triple Sims.  The handset M111 is a new set which is to feature three GSM Sims at an affordable price of 3499/-.

The specifications of the Zen mobile phone M111 is also very attractive and would be one of the Unique Selling Propositions of the phone. With a beautiful look also comes 1.3 mega pixel camera with which can be zoomed to an extent of 4X. The phone also has an important feature an Ebook reader and 6 band equalizers which play the beats of a song along with the genre of the music. The memory of the phone can be stretched to 8 GB and it has an inbuilt torch in the phone.

The phone has a good connectivity process. Along with GPRS and WAP it also has a USB connector which can be connected to any computer and Data can be easily transferred.

Zen Mobiles new phone M 111 is a eye candy as it is coming in three different colors of Red, black and Silver. The exterior of the phone is really beautiful and has the shape of a candy bar. It is nice set for youngsters who are in the habit of juggling numbers. However apart from that this phone would be very useful for businessman who has to have two three phones for different numbers and now they would be able to have all the numbers in one phone.

The MD of Zen mobile on the launch of the phone said, “Zen Mobile has always strived to offer products that create more value for its customers. With the launch of India’s first triple GSM Sim mobile phone, we have taken a step further in offering convenience and the utility at an unrivalled price, to our customers.”

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