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Yahoo and Nokia signs into collaboration to challenge Android Froyo, iPhone

Yahoo and Nokia has signed pact on to collaborate in web based application services, wherein Nokia has agreed to use Nokia Ovi Maps to upgrade Yahoo eroding maps services. In return, Yahoo has announced to update Nokia Ovi mail and messenger services. The pact is based on mobile web application collaboration for services globally.

Yahoo is one of the biggest search engine of the world, but it is lagging behind in competition to Google web based navigation services. Google has presence in mobile technology market world wide, with the Android OS and Google has launched challenge against iPhone strongly with introduction of advance high-tech version of Android 2.2.

Nokia on the other hand, is constantly losing its grasp over the smartphones to Apple and HTC. Yahoo and Nokia has weakening position in US, both are seeking strengthening base for better prospect in potential mobile technology innovation.

With this collaboration, Nokia users will have advantage to use better Yahoo applications online, and enjoy easy connectivity. Nokia and Yahoo has even declared to integrate sign-in membership to reduce discrepancy and provide mobile web users to log in comfortably.

Nokia has advance technology system in navigation in service of Ovi maps, mobile web users are extensively been using this service rather to Google maps which is slow on mobile devices. Nokia has enough talent to bring back Yahoo maps back on chart of popularity. Whereas Yahoo is concerned, Yahoo has niche in messenger and email engineering technology, any Yahoo user would agree.

Apparently, Yahoo is the biggest e-mail service provider in US. Yahoo sources and technology to update Ovi messenger and mail system, will change the mobile e-mailing and chatting experience in Ovi on Nokia handsets.

Nokia added services lacks advance Internet technology update, and Apple and HTC in smartphones market are winning in this feature. As Nokia will be updated by Yahoo, and Yahoo maps will be update by Nokia, will bring out best of both these companies. Nokia has immense expertise in mobile application development, with this pact of collaboration, Nokia will be able to develop more advance application system, which in turn will increase their popularity.

Now, Yahoo maps will be powered by Nokia Ovi maps and Nokia Ovi mail and messenger services will be powered by Yahoo.