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Xperia X8 price in India, Xperia X8 price in mid range segment

Xperia X8 price in India

The latest smartphone Xperia X8 price in india is Rs. 15,990. Xperia X8 price is in mid range segment in Indian market.

Sony Ericsson has revealed pictures and videos of the new Xperia X8 on the official website address of the company. The wait has been long and now we can browse through the pictures and videos of this latest technological gizmo. What makes the phone more popular and attractive is the latest technology it incorporates.

The most important Xperia X8  features is the Android operating system. Moreover, the company is also providing various how-to-do videos on the official website in order to help the customers with the use and handling of the phone. The price of this is Rs.15,990.

The new Xperia X8 has been featured with lots of innovative characteristics. The size of the phone is small and it can be accommodated within the palm. But being small, it never poses problem as regards the removal of the battery. There is a much safer way to protect the battery.

In Xperia X8, audio is louder since the curved round rear and edges makes the speakers more open. The front is attractive and the ambient light sensor and status activity sensor lies between the earpieces. It comes with a color option, from a hot pink/white to a more demurred black/white. The size of the display is 3 inch.

Xperia X8 features a 3.15v mega pixel camera. Functionality enhancing keys are not there at the left side while the right side has a smart volume rocker. On the top we find the power stand by key, 3.5 mm audio port and the micro USB port. In addition to such advanced features it can be said that given the price of the phone, there are contenders also with the same price. Moreover, the camera does not possess a flash and auto focus option. The cramped on-screen QWERTY also proves to be one of the disadvantages for the phone.

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