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Wynncom dual SIM mobile phones launched with good features and price

Wynncom dual SIM mobile price in India

Wynncom dual SIM mobile phones, as many as 7 new models of them were launched by Wynn Telecom Ltd. Wynn Telecom Ltd, which belongs to SAR group has launched these 7 new dual mobile phones in different ranges. All these 7 new Wynncom dual SIM mobile phone said to have good features within their price range.

Starting from Rs. 1500, these Wynncom dual mobile phones offer best value to the money. Wynncom took all the measures to target the Indian customers with affordable price tag and nice features. Wynncom mobile phones price ranges from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 5,000 depending upon the features of the mobile.

Wynncom dual mobile phones are for all age groups and sections of the country. But Wynncom surely targeted the youth section more by offering social networking and multimedia features at an affordable price. The seven newly launched Wynncom mobiles are Y10, Y11, Y20, Y21, Y22, Y30 and Y50. Well, the names might not sound that much appealing, but the features of these mobiles are so promising for their price tag.

Wynncom Y10

The most economic handset of this Wynncom Y series, Y10 is very cheap and affordable phone. Yet it got some great features like dual SIM, music player, video player, mobile tracker, expandable memory, FM recorder, torch light and many more!

Wynncom Y11

Wynncom Y11 got a little makeover in its features; else everything looks same like Wynncom 10. The main difference between Y10 and Y11 is that Y11 has GPRS and browsing support, while the Y10 remain as a cheap multimedia phone. Wynncom Y11 is a good mobile for someone who is looking for an internet phone at an affordable price.

Wynncom Y20

Wynncom Y20 is a midrange phone in this Y series. It looks stylish and compact, and it’s a camera phone. The rest of the features are more or less similar to that of the previous models.

Wynncom Y21

Y21 is a slight upgrade to the Y10 and Y11, and it beats the other two in terms of its looks. It got all the features like other models including dual SIM support, music player, expandable memory and torch etc.

Wynncom Y22

It got a nice and comfortable color display with motion sensing technology. It got a VGA camera which supports video recording, has GRPS/WAP and Bluetooth.

Wynncom Y30

It’s the one of the two high-end featured mobile in this Y series. It got a 2 MP camera, it can be used as a webcam and it got nice and attractive looks. Apart from these, it got all other features that the above models have including mobile internet.

Wynncom Y50

Surely it’s the king of all 7 models with excellent features and affordable price. Wynncom Y50 is a complete phone for younger generation. With its QWERTY keypad, social networking platform, Java and Bluetooth; this phone looks so promising.

Saif Ali Khan has been assigned as the brand ambassador for Wynncom mobiles and the company has its hopes on all these mobile phones to do good business in India.


Wynncom dual SIM mobile phones launched with good features and price
Wynncom dual SIM mobile phones launched with good features and price starting from Rs 1,500. some of the mobiles are dual SIM
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