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Wynncom Mobiles Y90 at price Rs. 2,895 and Y99 at Rs. 3,895 launced

Wynncom Mobiles Y90 price in India

Wynncom mobile launched Y90 and Y 99 at a very comforting price. Wynncom is filling up the space for cost effective handsets. Since multimedia phones are in demand in the consumers market it is very necessary for mobile handsets manufacturers to continuously provide the consumer with new products.

Y90 and Y99 phones are said to be youth friendly, stylish in look, sleek and easy to stuff into the pocket. Fitted with good speakers, good back up battery and the best quality of sound for music lovers are the few features of these two new phones. It is a fashion statement to have the latest according to the youth.

The newly launched mobile Y90's features have been thought about and included in the phone so that it becomes affordable and the price factor in the consumers mind does not make a drawback in purchasing the product.Y90 handset has a sports motion sensor which changes the wall papers and songs just by shaking the phone. Y90 also features specifications like SMS, scheduled calendar, background noise, a torch, an answering machine and also a FM alarm.

Y90 is a dual SIM phone with 1.3 MP camera including an expandable memory to 4GB. It has an inbuilt mobile tracker and has a facility sms call back list. The Y90 device is proud of it having 1050 mAh battery which gives 8.5 hours of talktime and 350 hours of standby.

The Wynncom Y99 mobile phone is equipped 8GB expandable memory with features like mobile tracker, video recorder, GPRS, WAP, call recording and PC-suite support. The Y90 has a tie up with 160by2.com which is claimed to be India’s largest free Sms services providers which will provide free sms to friends and family in India Singapore, Malaysia Philippines and few other nations. The Java enabled Y90 comes with a 2 MP camera with seven hours of talktime and 240 hours of standby. The Y90 will be the most preferred among the two.

Wynncom mobiles are priced very reasonably for the youth. The youth wants the maximum at a limited price. The Y90 dual SIM phone is priced at Rs. 2, 895 and the Y99 at Rs.3, 895.