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With InVisage Technology, iPhone can have 12MP camera

So far the cell phone camera has been seen a partial substitutes for traditional camera. However with new technology coming up from InVisage, mobile camera will find even more acceptance for high quality photo shoot and important occasions.

InVisage technology is in the process of developing sensors for cameras which is set to improve the quality of camera by 2-4 times depending on the resolutions. Also the new technology will also performs better even in low light conditions.

The improved quality comes from a changes in technology used in camera's so far. InVisage has used quantum dots in place of traditional silicon layer. The old silicon layers have light absorbing capacity of up to 25 percent where as the image sensor with quantum dots can absorb light up to 95 per cent which directly improves the quality of image. The quantum dots are semi conductors basically and are spin off on silicon layers.

The improvement in technology in silicon layer based sensor can increase only by 10 percent or so where as with the use of new technology, the improvement is as high as 200 percent to 300 percent. Another benefit of quantum film based technology is that it also work better under dim lights.

The CEO of InVisage Mr. Jesse Lee said, "With such technology, the current three-megapixel camera found in the Apple iPhone could be turned into a 12-megapixel camera that works better in varying light conditions".

Also since the base content and rest of the material used in new sensors is traditional, the cost of adding quantum layer is minimal, the improved quality comes with minimal additional cost. The same technology has been tested in past but with very limited success.

The new camera sensors will be tested in 3 months and mass production will take place next year. The new technology has usage in night camera, security camera, cell phone camera etc. The company will make products on its own rather than licensing the technology to other players in market.

The slides for these sensors have been imported from Thailand semi conductor manufactures. InVisage technology is based out of Menlo Park, California. It has 30 staff members. The company has 30 patents in its name and is funded by various venture capitalist.