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Windows Live Messenger on iPhone- its official now

Its official now, Microsoft finally launched its Windows Live Messenger iPhone apps after a long wait. The application for iPhone and iPod Touch is the best way to stay connected to the people in your social live such as your friends and family while doing the things across the web.

Windows Live lets you send instant message to your friends and also view their photos and comment on them. The apps enables you to share your status update on Facebook and MySpace and also take a glance on what other messenger friends are doing on social and photo sharing sites such as YouTube and Flickr.

With the recent launch of iOS4, Microsoft has made this sure that Windows Live Messenger application is fully compatible with iOS4. Microsoft aims to stay at the top of your Windows Live Network and offer a chat facility but has not forgotten to add certain new features for its Live users.

The application gives an opportunity for its users to chat with their Windows Live messenger and Yahoo! Messenger contacts and also receive an IM notification even when closed. It is simple to create albums, add captions and upload photos from the iPhone.

Not only this, the users can also access their hotmail account without leaving the app to read, reply to and compose email. You can also get e mail notifications within the application so that you know when you have new messengers and let its users to read and send emails straight from the app.

The Windows Live Messenger lets you connect instantly to the people who matter the most to you. You can not only chat with them but also hear their voices on a PC call and see each other face to face in video. The app is available to the iPhone as free download in the iTunes App Store. The 7.2 MB free download is available from App Store.

Just like the PC version of Windows Live Messenger, iPhone app is a clean well designed app that offers four buttons for its four modes namely, social updates, buddy list, chats and photos. Overall the app is a good choice for those who bring together the incoming flood of activity from the social network they move in.