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Watch favourite shows on Windows Phone 7 with Slingplayer app at price $30

Anybody who has new Windows Phone 7 devices can control their TV from Slingbox via Internet with the use of SlingPlayer Mobile app which can be purchased and downloaded from the Windows Marketplace. The software is though not free it is available at $30 in the US. The company announced that now the users can easily enjoy their favorite shows within the app and can change channels and watch recorded shows on the Windows device.

Sling media is known for its Slingbox, which allow users to watch programming while away on a computer on mobile device, though the app will need a television to be connected to users' AV source at home, to a SlingBox HD or SlingBox Pro HD via the internet that will let them manage the software using the mobile phone over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

SlingPlayer Mobile app on Windows Phone 7 focuses mainly on quality of user experiences, with a reconstructed and rejuvenated user interface which supports clear and sharp images to enables anyone to watch high quality video. Not only they would be able to browse through channels and control their DVRs they can watch their favorite programming anywhere as long as they are connected via 3G or Wi-Fi.

While SlingPlayer Mobile app on Windows Phone 7 is $30 in the US which is same as the cost of the iPhone and Android versions of the app, according to Sling Media. The app can be purchased and installed quickly without much effort. Also the company is close to release an iPad version of SlingPlayer Mobile soon, so that users can enjoy more enriching experience with the display.