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Volvo sedan S80 car for price Rs. 39 lac in India

Volvo sedan S80 Price in India

Volvo India will be launching S80, a premium luxury car in the Indian car market in  next few months. Volvo sedan S80 will be at price Rs. 39 lac. Volvo sedan S80 will be sold through 12 dealers of the Volvo India. The company has 7 dealers currently and will increase the dealer base to 12 soon.

With Volvo sedan S80, company want to improve its market share in luxury car market and also establish itself as a major auto player in India for long term. The car S80 is branded as most youthful and powerful ever.

Volvo sedan S80 is equipped with personal car communicator which allows to get all information about THE CAR. To ensure better safety, the car communicator provides alerts and other related information. Volvo S80 car has special feature of collision warning which helps to improve safety while driving. Interesting feature of Volvo S80 car is its steering which is dependent on speed. It is very smooth in slow speed and more stable in high speed.

Volvo sedan S80 has two turbo engine having high performance. The car delivers mileage of 13.1 kmpl. The car has diesel engine which makes it economic car from operational cost point of view.

Volvo India will also launch XC90 car in 2011. With the launch of 2 model, the company has shown its interest in Indian car market. India is second biggest market for Volvo in Asia Pacific region.

Volvo sedan S80 is at price Rs. 39 lac in Mumbai and Rs. 37 lac in Delhi (ex-showroom price).


Volvo S80 enters Indian market
Volvo, Swedish auto maker has foray its new Volvo S80 in the Indian market. The premium sedan S80 is a new high performance model with twin-turbo Diesel engine that delivers 205 Hp and 420 Nm torque. This is world’s first premium executive cars emitting less than 120g/km of CO2. The car delivers 13.1 kmpl mileage.
Posted by Kapil Arora