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Volvo S80 Unique Features of Steering Wheel Dependent on Car Speed

It’s great news that Auto maker company, Volvo has launched Volvo S80 in the Indian car market. This car is considered to be a new, premium luxury car for the Indian customers. This car has many unique features, the most unique among them being the steering wheel.

Yes, the steering wheel of Volvo S80 is entirely dependent on the speed of the car. When the speed of the car is slow, it is very smooth. On the other hand, in a high speed it is more stable.

At the same time, this car is the world’s first executive car which would emit less than less than 120g of carbon dioxide. This model ensures standard safety for the drivers with Ready Alert Brakes. This would reduce the braking distance in times of emergency.

The design of the engine is believed to give high quality performance and low fuel consumption. The two turbo engines will deliver high speed performance with a mileage of 13.1kmpl. The unique diesel particulate filter effectively reduces the soot particles in the exhaust gases. At the same time, it also has the Euro 5 exhaust emission requirements.

The interior of the car is quite distinct and have clean surfaces, exciting contrasts, smooth function as well as comfortable seats. The exterior of the car, on the other hand, includes chrome detailing on the lower part of the door mouldings and exhaust. This gives the car a distinct and a dynamic look.

In the recent road tests, Volvo S80 have received excellent reviews every where. The luxurious, youthful and the most powerful car is priced at Rs 39 lakh in India and will be sold through 12 dealers of the Volvo India.