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Vodafone with latest iPhone 3GS in India with special plans

Vodafone Essar, second top cellular service provider of the country, has started selling Apple’s iPhone 3GS in India. This is a beginning of new and latest trend of leading cellular service providing companies to provide the offers in new format.

This revolution also changed the competition trends and traditions as these cellular service providers and operators were offering tariffs and SIM cards on different prices so far. Vodafone also put its step in this trend and offered many flexible plans with iPhone 3GS.

The latest iPhone 3GS of Apple is reported as the fastest phone with great performance. This iPhone 3GS, a new and advanced version of iPhone series, is equipped with lots of features. These features include 3 megapixels camera with the improved video recording facility, which has auto focus technology.

Voice control, voice memos, digital compass, landscape keyboard and spotlight search are new and latest features what this iPhone comes with. Some other required utility features like copy & paste text, 3D graphics, incredible gaming, 32 GB storage and longer battery life are also included in this iPhone.

When we talk about the specification of the iPhone 3GS, speed of this iPhone 3GS is two times better than the speed of iPhone 3G when loading the web pages, open attachments, launching Apps and also while taking pictures. This not only offers fast data transfer but also gives a more responsive and enriching experiences of iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone 3GS also offers ipod, internet device and phone in a single device. This enables us to experience the most advanced web browsing facilities of the world like desktop class emails, Maps applications and the amazing safari etc.

Vodafone Essar, who has started selling iPhone 3GS, now has made available at the Vodafone stores with its different offers and prices. Last week, Vodafone launched the iPhone 3GS in market with its price that is ranging from Rs.29500 onwards. This phone is available with different offers and different memory capacities. In India now the iPhone with 8GB memory is available at Rs.29500 and the prices for the same phone in Maharashtra and Madhyapradesh are Rs.33500 and Rs.47500 respectively.

In India, this iPhone is currently available on the Vodafone stores in Mumbai, Kolkata, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Gujrat, Andrapradesh, Delhi, UPE, Orissa and Punjab. The phone is available in three different memory sizes 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Vodafone launched this iPhone with special data plans like one Rs.100 prepaid plan and two postpaid plans of Rs.799 and Rs.999 as monthly rental respectively.