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Vodafone selling iPhone 3GS in India, offers great promotional plans

The leading telecom companies are entering competition in a new field. So far they have been competing for tariffs and mobile schemes. However now its the time to compete to launch iPhone in India. iPhone is being launched in 2G and 3GS versions. Along with Airtel, its Vodafone also to launch iPhone in  India. The pricing is also competitive from both the operators, however the special packages offers by these mobile operators are different.

Vodafone Essar announced on Friday that it will start selling the iPhone 3GS, Apple’s much awaited iconic phone, in India. The decision came after its tough rival Bharati Airtel, India’s number one cellular service provider, made a similar announcement earlier last week. Vodafone Essar is the county’s second largest cellular service provider and has drafted attractive plans to offer to its iPhone customers.

There are two plans are of post paid variety offered by Vodafone for its iPhone 3GS customers. According to the first post paid plan a customer gets 249 minutes of free talk time together with 250 MB data usage free upon paying Rs. 799 as monthly fee.

The second plan allows iPhone customers of Vodafone to get 299 minutes of talk time and 600 MB of data usage free on a monthly fee of Rs. 799. There is one pre paid plan wherein its iPhone 3GS customers get no free talk time or free data usage on a monthly rent of Rs. 100.

Vodafone will be selling iPhone 3GS at different prices in different sates. iPhone 3G 8GB will be sold at a price of Rs. 29,500 in all states except Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, where it will be sold at Rs. 33, 500. iPhone 3GS 16GB will be priced at Rs. 35,500 in all states and at Rs. 40,500 in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. iPhone 3GS 32 GB will be priced at Rs. 41,500 in all states and at Rs. 47,500 in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

iPhone 3GS is Apple’s most powerful phones till date and is two times faster than iPhone 3G is terms of both speed and performance. It comes with a high-quality 3 MP auto focus camera, a longer battery life, hands free voice control and easy to use video recording. Apple is expected to launch its fourth generation iPhone in June –July this year. So it will be worth waiting for the latest iPhone which is due to be launched soon.

Vodafone Essar also happens to be one of the strong contenders in the upcoming auction for 3 G spectrum opened by the Indian government. This 3G bandwidth will allow the highest bidder to utilize the high speed content download and broadband services and sell it commercially from September 1, 2010 in India.


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