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Vodafone mobile at price Rs. 700, cheaper than Chinese, second hand handset

Vodafone mobile price in India

Vodafone mobile at price Rs. 700 in India has indeed taken cost optimization to dizzy heights! How much more cost competitive can be the market get! Vodafone’s ultra low cost phone is mainly targeted towards the rural market. Vodafone aims to equip the rural population with affordable options with this launch.

Vodafone cheapest handset would certainly tap the potential in the rural markets. But the company is not just keeping its reach limited to the rural areas. It will be available across a spread of retail areas all over India. Through this move, Vodafone aims to capture even those customers who are mobile- less even in these time. “The lives of people who use these phones will be changed and improved as they become part of the mobile society”, said Patrick Chomet, Vodafone's Group Director of Terminals.

Vodafone mobile launch would also mean that now people wouldn’t have to go on a searching spree for low cost mobiles. Indian market is flooded with Chinese mobiles which may be low cost but lack guarantee or warranty. In a bid to own a mobile, these Chinese mobiles serve as a low cost option to many. Second hand mobiles are another option that people prefer for their rock bottom costs. This also is not a safe option as the legal status or the working status of the phone is always unclear.

Vodafone’s Rs 700 phones would mean that Indian users be it in rural or urban areas have a brand name attached to low cost handsets. Not only would they be content shelling out money for a brand new, guaranteed phone but also with the brand name that comes with it. Customer service and complaints addressal which is a feature unknown to the Chinese and second hand market also comes with this big brand name.

Vodafone phone may very well capture a whooping 60% of the Indian population. The phone would come with just the basic feature including voice, sms and phonebook facility, alarm clock, calculator, 2 games and currency converter. It is a candy bar handset with a 500mAh capable of providing talk time up to 5 hours and standby up to 400 hours.