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Vodafone launches cheapest phones for India, Turkey and Africa

Vodafone is all set to revolutionize the mobile industry yet again by introducing the planets cheapest mobile. Not just one but two Mobiles, the Vodafone 150 and Vodafone 250. Only recently Nokia announced a new cheap phone for just $10 to be introduced soon. Looks like the mobile companies are into high competition in the cheapest and smartest mobile segment.

Vodafone 150 mobile will cost just $15 (Rs. 700 in India) and the targeted countries will India, Eight African countries and Turkey. The demand for mobiles is estimated to reach 5 Billion this year according the UN and this growth is mainly credited to the increase of users in mobile banking and other value added service through mobiles. 11 million customers of Vodafone alone use mobile banking services and hence the firm designed the Vodafone 150 to reach out to more people.

The specifications of Vodafone 150 and 250 includes, mini USB, alarm clock, 100 phone book memory, 500 mAh battery, standby time 400 hrs, talk time 5 hours, 2 games embedded, torch, currency converter, calculator, voice and messaging and most of all it can support mobile payment service. Quite overloaded for the price isn’t it? This cheapest Vodafone mobile is unveiled at the MWC 2010 for the developing nations.

Vodafone 250 offers features which will definitely be worth the money and spent and much more. Apart from voice and SMS, Vodafone 250 has all the features on Vodafone 150 plus 1.45 inch CSTN display, FM Radio for music, polyphonic ring tones, 2 games embedded for mobile game lovers, alarm clock, currency converter well suitable for mobile banking, calculator, wallpapers and mini USB port.

Vodafone 250 is priced $20 (Rs.900 in India) net. Forget the competition it is definitely good news for the masses and very soon we can expect a mobile in the hands of even a new born.


new offer for us
nice offer. i am waiting for its launching.
Posted by chandni
british voda like russian vodka in beeer boottle
well done voda ... you know the need of general mass of india ... thanks alot ... go ahead
Posted by jaga utkal university
Oftenly good marketing is "produce what consure imagines". Vodaphone has rightly done so by launching the mobile phone for Rs700/- and am sure the sel sill go up by 40%.
Posted by Prabhakara satapathy
Vodafone 250
great article...big competition going on in mobile world....damn cheap....keep it up!!!!!
Posted by surjeet
Vodafone launches cheapest phones for India, Turkey and Africa
Vodafone mobiles launched in WMC 2010 are targeted for mobile banking also
Posted by Rani