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Virgin mobile launches Indian Panga League contest with Samsung Corby prize

Virgin mobile has launched Indian Panga League (IPL) contest and has put 9 Samsung Corby GSM mobiles as prizes. Indian Panga League has around 100 short video films of each with 15 sec duration. The IPL online game has 8 teams, with the names same as cities of real IPL teams. Users can share this game with friends online in different locations also.

Indian Panga League contest involves commenting on other team players. It also involves replying to comment posted by someone else on your team players. The user who stands out in the last is the winner of the game and gets Samsung Corby handset. The game of commenting on players is termed as "war of words". You can share your comments on social networking sites like Twetter, Orkut and Facebook etc.

The eigt teams of Indian Panga League are CHENNAI, HYDERABAD, PUNJAB, MUMBAI, DELHI, KOLKATA, BENGALURU and RAJASTHAN. There are 10 combination of teams have been made for playing IPL.

Indian Panga League started to promote 20p/minute STD plan of Virgin mobile in India. Speaking on the launch of the game, Prasad Narasimhan, CMO, Virgin Mobile India said, "The Indian Panga League is our initiative to connect to the youth of India and provide them an exciting opportunity to join the cricket frenzy. It was quite a task for us to create over 100 ad films in a true hatke style to promote our STD value propositions of 20p/min."

How to win Samsung Corby in Indian Panga League contest:

  • 3 Samsung Corby GSM mobiles for user who shares maximum the IPL game video though chat, email or social networking.
  • 3 Samsung Corby GSM mobiles for user who sends highest no. of tweets
  • 3 Samsung Corby GSM mobiles for user who takes maximum no. of pangas and also longest pangas


The nation has been discussing everything, EVERYTHING................except of course the one thing that is the most clearly apparent about the IPL; namely the massive stupidity of the common masses who are willing to spend very heavily in time, money and labour to watch this latest version of pulp cricket, pulp glamour, hype of the most vapid kind and all kinds of drivel that is dished out as accompaniment in the garb of entertainment !!!
Posted by sonu kumar
in my opinion this is like a 3rd country war(world war)so i things this is a sem less for people of our country......
Posted by sonu kumar