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Verizon iPhone release date finally confirmed, delivery by April 12th

Apple has raveled the little information for new Verizon iPhone device in the US market few days before. Apple also provided the series of video tutorials for customers that how the iPhone devices will work.

Releases of the devices becomes rumors in the entire internet according to schedule, company will launch the devices in the middle of the year. Apple has shown huge application videos to customers with the help of its site, that how the device email, applications, iTunes, Google maps, application stores, ibook application and other features work.

iPhone application will be helpful for office employees and professionals to work everywhere having internet connection in the iphone. It provides the facility of ms documents, spreadsheets, and other presentations. The applications are very innovative considering the demands of new generations and working ability of people.

This all rumors have happened because of shows of iPhone in the internet before its launching, company got many sales and considering the demands, company has decided to deliver iPhones to customers to April 12, 2010, whereas it was the date of April 03, 2010. It has been seen that all models, those are going to launch in the market will be delivered in the last of April, whereas the models those have been pre-ordered will be delivered after April 12, 2010.

Apple iPad will be distributed in popular buy stores of the US and another leak information is this that only 15 apple ipads will be delivered. Few experts say that this is the way of promoting the apple iPads over the market because the ipad is struggling int the market. It is the only general view of people, but truth was that Australia has suffered for iphones last years after releasing 3GS models whereas iphones is not having any problem of shortage of phones. They can fulfill entire demands of people.

iPhones demand has got rapidly growth, when very popular blogs gizmodo has shown their application pictures in their blog. Shows of videos and pictures have given complete ideas of applications. Games are also coming with various features which have been designed by Melbourne-based iPhone app developer Firemint. Other Leaked information is that the new model will be appeared in the market in the last of this year which will be worked in US Verizon Wireless network.

Verizon iPhones rumors have spread a lot in the market but the product is yet not completed to sell. Many customers have prompted to get the devices but they will have to wait till the April end. The prices were figured nearly $500 but it is not cleared yet that what is the fix prices. If you would like to have iPhone in your hand then keep patience few more weeks.