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Verizon iPhone Releases date is June 22, iPad might be release on April 12

Verizon iPad are going to be launched till 12 April, 2010. There was the rumor for iPhones on the market for prices and releasing dates. Actually, Apple has given videos and pictures of application stores, emails, Itunes, imaps, and others. The rumor was the Verizon iPads and iPhones are going to launch on April 3, 2010. However the date has been given on 12 April and other iPhone model might be released on June 2010.

The Verizon iPad will be launched in June 2010 in US market where as iPad will be launched in 12 April 2010. Market got huge confusion on releasing dates and prices. The prices have been figured out near about $500 but it has not been specified yet.

Verizon iPhone will work on 4G mobile networks having high features then other mobile features. Few sites have said the confirmed date is 22 June but it has not been defined yet. Verizon iPhone is providing entire facility of offices and professionalism. It will be helpful for office documents, spread sheets and presentation. Now, people can have their presentation files in hand with safety.

According to leakage information that 15 iPhones will be distributed in best buy stores. It may be the new iPhone will be named iPhone HD. There are too many iPhones in the market; still apple mobile fans are waiting for this iPhone HD. Correct information of prices and timing yet not in the market. We believe that Apple will take out essential information soon.