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VW India launches Volkswagen Polo priced Rs 4.5-6 lac, luxury hatchback car

Volkswagen Polo Price in India

Volkswagen India (VW India) has launched Volkswagen Polo priced at Rs 4.5-6 lacs (approx). Volkswagen Polo is a luxury hatchback car from Volkswagen India. Volkswagen Polo will be manufactured at Volkswagen India plant in Chakan plant near Pune.

Volkswagen Polo is first will be 50% manufactured in India and later three forth of Volkswagen Polo will be built in India. Manufacturing Volkswagen Polo major portion will help bring down price of Volkswagen Polo in India.

Volkswagen Polo is luxury compact hatchback car. Volkswagen India will also launch trunck variety of car in second half of 2010.

Most of the cars in India are hatchback type. Car industry has seen 60% increase in Nov 2009. Out of 16 car companies operating in Indian car market, 15 has seen double digit growth.

Volkswagen Polo in India will compete with Swift and Ritz from Maruti Suzuki, Fiat and Hyundai etc. Volkswagen Polo is tagrgeted at medium income segment.

Volkswagen Polo will be sold through dealers of Volkswagen India. After China, India is next big market for German car maker Volkswagen AG.

Volkswagen India has increase its employee at Chakan plant to 2500 from 1200 to meet the demand for Volkswagen Polo in India. Also Volkswagen India has invested Rs 3, 800 crore to improve its Chakan manufacturing plant.

Volkswagen India manufacturing plant at Chakan has annual capacity of more than 1 lac cars per annum. Chakan plant of Volkswagen India manucatures Skoda Fabia and Sedan also which are due for launch in next year.


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