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Toyota to roll first hydrogen fuel car by 2015 in US, expected price USD 50000

Toyota hydrogen fuel car price

Toyota may soon become the first company to introduce hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at a very affordable price tag. This hydrogen cell vehicle is going to be a sedan but the company has doubts pertaining to the availability of hydrogen fuel stations which are very less and the price of the fuel which is more than gasoline at present.

However the range of this sedan will be equal to the car powered by gasoline. Toyota is hopeful to develop the first retail hydrogen model at about $50,000 and strives to sell it as an affordable model in the U.S by 2015.

Toyota aims to cut the expenses to produce the vehicle by reducing the platinum used in the car. This use of platinum can be cut to about one third by using cheaper ways to produce the thin film used in fuel cars. The company also does not want to lose money while introducing the vehicle and aims to cover the production cost within the price offered.

While speaking about the use of less platinum in the car to cut the cost at a press conference in Long Beach, Yoshika Masuda, MD for advanced autos Toyota said, “Shifting from low volume assembly to mass production would lead to further cost reduction.” He also informed that hydrogen vehicles are larger and offer a much faster fuelling than battery models.

But there are certain challenges that the company needs to overcome in developing hydrogen car such as lack of infrastructure that includes fuel stations, high production costs and limited durability of the vehicle. Masuda however declined to mention any sales volume target that the company has kept in mind given these constraints.

The development of hydrogen cars is a step forward to curb greenhouse gasses as there is no dangerous emission from such cars. The only exhaust such cars produce is water vapor. Many countries like Japan, California, Germany and South Korea are encouraging the development of such hydrogen cars. Not only Toyota but there are other auto giants who are looking forward to venture into developing hydrogen cars by 2015. These companies include, GM Co., Hyundai Motor Co., Daimler AG and Honda Motor Co.