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Toyota made largest ever recall in Auto industry in US

Toyota has made largest ever recall in auto industry and the no. of recalled vehicles is still on increase. Toyota will recall 1.09 mn more vehicles to fix floor mats problem. Toyota recall is to minimize the risk of accelerator pedals which gets stuck in loose floor mats.

Toyota the Japanese car maker has already recalled 5.35 mn vehicle so far. The recall of cars for Toyota is becoming big risk for its reputation.

Toyota car models which are being recalled are 008-10 Highlanders, 2009-10 Corollas, 2009-10 Venzas, 2009-10 Matrixes, and 2009-10 Pontiac Vibes. Toyota has manufactured Pontiac Vibes cars in collaboration with US auto car manufacturer GM.

After identifying the problem, Toyota has stopped sales of 8 models in US including famous model Corolla and Camry, the premium models. These Toyota car models have defective gas pedals.


Expanding of Toyota Recalls
Toyota is expanding the recall of certain models of its vehicles because of concerns about sticking gas pedals. A Pontiac model is also now on the list.
Posted by Kapil Arora