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Toyota Prius in India- price, features and specifications, reviews

Toyota Prius price in India

Toyota Prius in India: Toyota Prius showcased by the company at the Auto Expo 2010 New Delhi is launched in India and the booking starts from May 6, 2010. The two versions of the Prius will be set at price in India at Rs. 26.55 lac and Rs. 27.86 lac respectively.

It is interesting to note that the Prius from Toyota was the number 1 best selling car in Japan in 2009. The car has received world acclaim and is the most successful hybrid in the world.

Toyota Prius come with 1.8L, 135 bhp petrol engine and Toyota’s hybrid synergy drive and an array of safety features such as, ABS, BA, EBD, VSC, Traction Control and seven airbags. This high-tech computer controlled electric drivetarin also features a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Toyota Prius is equipped with its latest pioneering technology the Toyota Hybrid System II and is one of the best aerodynamic performances. Prius has also achieved world-leading fuel efficiency. The third generation Prius also features a host of specifications combined to give maximum driving pleasure with superior environmental performance.

The car comes with 3 driving modes-Power Mode, Eco Mode and EV9electric Vehicle (Mode. The car also supports Audio and Bluetooth controls with touch sensor on steering wheel.

Toyota has earlier targeted Hollywood actors internationally and in context with India the company is thinking to consider the same strategy.


Toyota Prius Price In India
As usual the Japanese want to extract a pound of Indian flesh by pricing this car so high.Why can't they sell it at USA price and why can't our Bharat sarkar wave of taxes on such technology savy car which can save fuel and cur emmission?
Posted by sp singh