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Toyota Prius Price Rs 26 lac, Numero Uno hybrid Toyota Prius India Review

Toyota Prius Price in India

Toyoto Prius being showcased in Auto Expo 2010 Delhi is priced Rs 26 lac. When other automobile vendors are still looking to come out with the eco friendly cars, Toyota Prius is already out with its third version.

Toyota prius specifications made it number one hybrid car in Japan and leads the sales of all the hybrid cars across globe by capturing at least 80% of the entire market. Toyata Prius price in india is going to be above Rs 26 lakhs depending upon the tax that would be levied as Toyota Prius India will be imported as a completely built unit.

Toyota Prius is derived from the latin word which means “to go before” is making customers raring to go and buy this vehicle. This four door Toyota hybrid car has become popular with customer because of amazing Toyota stellar fuel economy, uncompromised driving experience and other amazing features like lower emissions as compared to different cars. However when you buy this hybrid vehicle you have to keep in mind that it would be quiet tough to get spare parts of this vehicle which would make future repair quiet expensive.

Toyota Prius 2010 is completely redesigned but it is still has four doors and can seat 5 persons. Toyota prius car has a 1.8 litre gasoline engine along with two electric motors as well as a planetary gearset. In case of full acceleration both these power sources work in combination to give you maximum benefit. Toyota prius fuel efficiency is estimated to be about of 50mpg which is way better than most hybrid as well as regular cars.

The other changes of Toyota prius 2010 include a more sculpted exterior and more conventional interiors which will be welcoming news to all the Toyota hybrid car lovers. Digital speedometer, climate control buttons and stereo buttons are placed in a more traditional way and also height adjustable speed for taller drivers. The hatchback styled body of Toyoto Prius helps you to provide more space for your cargo.

While Honda civic hybrid is less expensive but with more experience Toyota Prius is still a better bet. Toyota Prius india launch is planned in Auto Expo 2010. So take a test drive and see if you would like to bring home this beauty.