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Toshiba Libretto intros limited edition- dual screen tablet at price USD1099

Toshiba Libretto limited edition Price in India

Toshiba has finally put an end to various rumors concerning the launch of a dual screen laptop by announcing the new Libretto W100 with a starting price of $1,099. This limited edition Libretto demonstrates next generation ultra mobile PC design with full Windows 7 functionality.

The year 2010 marks Toshiba’s 25th anniversary of Laptop Innovation Milestone and with Libretto the company seems to have begun the celebrations. The company offers Libretto as a device that goes beyond slates, netbooks and smartphones and delivers more.

This ultra portable device weighs just 1.8 pounds and is designed to deliver multimedia playback , a rich internet experience and a liberty to multi task just like any other laptop but what makes this quarter century innovation very unique is its two 7 inch diagonal touchscreens that offers you a delight to work, play and have fun. The two screens have WSVGA multi touch display with LED backlit (1024 x 600) and an accelerometer on both the screens.

Both the screens of Libretto W 100 work independently of each other thereby offering flexibility to the customer to use it the way they like. They can watch emails on one screen and browse the net on the other at the same time. The device boasts of the traditional clamshell design for portability that allows the device to fold its screens very easily protecting it from scratches and break.

The Libretto W 100 is equipped with an Intel Pentium Processor and is powered by Windows 7 Home Premium. The device has 2GB of fast DDR3 memory and a 62GB of solid state drive. The built-in connectivity features of Libretto W 100 include 802.11 b/g/n4, and Bluetooth that gives its users the flexibility to connect from any hotspot or pair the device with their favorite wireless accessories such as mouse, headphones and more. The device also comes with 1.02 MP webcam and a USB 2.0 port.

The computing experience on Libretto is enhanced by several premium Toshiba apps that make navigation as easy as possible. It also features 6 virtual keyboard modes and a virtual touchpad. The keyboards feature haptic technology that offers sensory feedback when the keys are selected thereby making typing faster, easy and more accurate.