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Tata Nano to come with diesel variant and better features this August

Tata Nano diesel Price in India

Tata Motors is working aggressively to launch the diesel variant of its popular cheapest car in the world, the Nano. According to sources the launch is expected in August or September this year. Nano has suffered poor sales figures due a many reasons recently.

The sales figure of the vehicle suffered due to a couple of issues such as safety concerns after some vehicles caught fire and also an increase in prices that failed to attract the ‘one lac rupee’ car customers, the car was no longer available with the same price tag of Rs. 1 lac.

Amidst all that Tata Motors aims to bring the diesel motor to the Nano with an aim to revive sales targets. According to one Tata spokesman the diesel variant of Nano will be powered by 600-700 cc engine just like the petrol variant but will command a slightly steeper price. The diesel Nano will come with a price tag ranging between Rs. 1.8 -2.2. lac.

Tata has roped in various project partners for its diesel Nano project. Bosch has teamed up with the automobile maker to fit world’s smallest CRDi system into the car. The car will be fitted with a compact 2-cylinder engine with a turbocharger and common rail system. The diesel Nano will be world’s cheapest diesel car.

Tata Motors will churn out the diesel motor from its Sanand facility. The diesel model of Tata Nano would also include some new features such as power steering, stylish interiors, 5-speed transmission and broader tires.

But there is a long wish list for Nano that could make the car more comfortable. Customers have been demanding a better sound deadening system for Nano. A rear view mirror on the left, RPM limiter and disc brakes are other features that are included in this wish list.