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Tata Nano spotted in new Avatar- introducing the convertible Nano

Tata Nano manages to be in news for some reason or the other, sometimes good and sometimes bad. But this time it is for the better as the cheapest Indian car gets a whole new Avatar with its roof being chopped off. Tata Nano was recently spotted with a roofless version. The convertible Nano definitely looks better than the original and it seems that Tata is expected to pave the way for convertibles in India which is till today a virgin area when it comes to small budget cars.

The roofless Nano was spotted taking rounds ferrying visitors inside the Sanand factory. A roofless Nano has much to offer to its passengers in terms of a better view available minus the roof. But before we jump to conclusions let us not forget the feasibility of a convertible especially on Indian roads. The weather is not very conducive of driving a convertible here in India and Tata Motors will definitely look into the conditions and the preferences of Indian car buyers who look for an AC as their first choice in a car.

Though we do not have any conclusive information about the company launching a convertible Nano in near future, nevertheless a roofless Nano will definitely be lighter and more fuel efficient than the current model and the chopped roof also adds to the design quotient of the car which might get many takers. And if this happens then Tata Nano will be the pioneers of convertibles in India.