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Tata Nano price up by Rs. 9,000, price tag now catches up with Maruti cars

Tata Nano price in India

Tata Nano, the popular ‘One lac Rupee’ car by Tata Motors is no more a ‘one lac rupee’ car and if you think you can buy one around Diwali, then you need to shell out at extra Rs 9,000 for the base model. Tata Motors has announced that it will introduce a minor price increase on Nano this Diwali in order to meet the rising cost of inputs.

This is the second time that the automobile maker Tata Motors is introducing a price rise on its popular budget car that it launched to make the dream to own a car come true for the lower middle income group in the country.

Tata Nano was launched in March 2009 with a price promise of Rs. one lac that was seen as the USP of the small car. But soon after the car was lunched the company announced that only first 1 lac customer will get the car at the declared price and there will be a price revision thereafter in July to the tune of about 4% due to rising input cost. The first price rise came after the company opened fresh sales for Nano.

The second price revision on Tata Nano will come with effect from Nov. 1 which will be applicable to both fresh buyers and the retainees, said Tata Motors. Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car is getting dearer due to a steep rise in the prices of raw materials, including aluminum, steel and rubber.

Tata Motors aimed to make the car a big hit especially among the two-wheeler drivers who were lured to buy a four wheeler by shelling a little more than what they used to on a two wheeler. But now since the car is no more a one lac rupee vehicle, the target customers may shy away from buying the car which is well above the one lac rupee mark and almost touches the 2 lac rupee price tag.

Two back- to-back price rise of Nano in just a span of 20 months shows that how short- sighted Tata Motors was while pricing its car. Or we can say that it launched the car with a so lucrative price tag with the aim to grab the initial rush and plans to bring in constant price rise step by step so that it doesn’t pinch the auto buyers.

But the highly competitive automobile market in India is smart enough the compare the options available to them in the given price segment and they do see their good old favorite Maruti 800 cc getting back into their preference list. Maruti 800cc carries with itself the Maruti experience which is decades old in India complimented well with the excellent after sales services provided by the company.

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