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Tata Nano on fire was a pre production car, not meant for sales: company

The incident about a brand new Tata Nano catching fire has taken yet another turn. Satish Sawant, an LIC agent who lives in Mulund and had paid Rs. 2.4 lac towards his Brand new silver Tata Nano. The car caught into flames on its own within 45 minutes after taking out from showroom.

In a shocking revelation made by the company’s spokesperson Amit Joshi, Sawant was informed that the car was a pre-production model. He said, “Concorde Motors was not supposed to sell it to any customer.”

The vehicle Acknowledgment Delivery Note shows the year of manufacture as 2009 where as Tata’s spokesperson Deba-shish Ray says that the vehicle was actually manufactured in 2008. Amongst this confusion and casual approach by Tata Motors, the agitated customer Satish Sawant wants a thorough investigation into the matter.

However the company has offered compensation to Sawant with a replacement or a refund of the whole amount paid by him. He is yet to receive an apology from Tata Motors, either verbally or in writing. But according to Satish nothing can compensate the trauma he and his family went through yesterday.

He also demands a criminal action to be taken against official of Tata Motors and Concorde, the authorized showroom that delivered the Nano to Satish.  “It must be probed how and why Tata and Concorde gave delivery of a defective car.”

Satish further informed that Tata Motors showed very swift action in taking the delivery of the car that turned into debris of carbon yesterday. The company however is yet to show an equivalent swiftness about explaining the cause of fire. Meanwhile experts from Tata Motors are said to study the cause of fire.

This incident is not the first of its kind. Last year too Tata Nano faced similar problem and its three brand new vehicles were on flames while parked. It seems that there has been a string of such incidents which leaves a question mark on the company’s policy to recall the model.


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