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Tata Nano may replace autorickshaws very soon

Metros in India may soon say good bye to auto rickshaws and their nagging drivers. Bangalore city transport department is taking a step towards by appointing Tata Nano cars as their new autorickshaws some time soon. In an effort to provide a more comfortable ride to its citizens the Karnataka government is planning to buy 10,000 odd Tata Nanos to be rolled out in the city of Bangalore in place of autorickshaws.

Karnataka transport minister R Ashoka informed the media that the cars may be either bought by government’s own resources or a loan may be taken for the same. These Nanos will be given to the drivers on the basis of profit sharing ration of 60:40 between the government and the driver.

Given the fact that Baja autorickshaw also costs the same as a Tana Nano car, the idea looks not too bad but there are certain cons that should be well taken into account such as the mileage of the two vehicles and their environment friendliness. On both the parameters autorickshaw still rates more than a Nano car. The mileage offered by an auto is 25 kmpl whereas Nano gives you 20 kmpl. Also an auto emits 85-87 grams of CO2 per km as against Nano which emits 101 grams per km.

Even then autorickshaws have all the reasons to worry if Nano takes over their business in big cities after all little sacrifices can be made for a hassle free comfortable ride. Tata Nano promises to deliver a smooth ride with a vehicle having four doors much relaxing than an open auto howling at the top of its throat with mostly a non- hospitable driver in the front.