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Tata Nano Electric Vehicle at Geneva Motor Show 2010

Tata Nano which redefined all the rules as far as pricing of 4 wheelers is concerned is in news again. The World’s cheapest car Nano comes the Green way this time. With barely months after launching Nano, Tata Motors showcased Tata Nano Electric Vehicle (EV) at Geneva Motor Show 2010. The company also showcased its Indica Vista Electric Vehicle at the Motor Show.

Although the Electric Car segment is yet to evolve and is in its primitive stages in all the countries and especially in India, Tata has been the first of the major automobile manufactures to come out with two EV models.

Tata Motors vice chairman Ravi Kant was quoted saying “Electric Nano will be launched in Europe in two and half years and it will be launched in select markets like Britain and Scandinavian countries first and gradually in other nations”. When asked about the launch in the domestic market Ravi Kant said that it would soon be launched in Indian market as well but didn’t any mention time frame for this.

Tata Motors has been struggling with keeping the price within the Rs 1 lakh range due to increase in cost of raw materials and labor. However this time Tata Motors has not released the price of Nano EV. The cost of Nano EV would be decided during the launch of the vehicle.

Nano EV would be a four seater instead of the original version of Nano which is a five seater vehicle with 600 cc petrol engine with 35 HP.  Nano EV is termed as a car designed specially to meet customer’s voguish demands. It is built on existing proven Nano platform and is power-driven from lithium ion batteries, which have been proved to provide better energy retention. The range of this battery is approximately calculated as 160kms and the vehicle can touch speed of up to 60 KMPH in 10 seconds.

Nano EV is built in cooperation with the Norwegian electric car specialist firm Miljoebil Grenland. Tata Motors had acquired a major stake in this company in 2008.

Being the first Indian automobile major which has taken a step forward towards environment conservation – Tata motors has certainly set an example for others to follow.