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Tata Dolphin Price, Tata Dolphin Launch, Tata Motors upcoming car 2011

Tata Dolphin Price in India

The upming and new Tata Dolphin price is expected to be Rs. 3 lakh (approx); and it can be perceived as the car that bridges the gap between a Nano and an Indica Vista. The Nano is bigger and bulkier while the Indica is smaller and sleeker. For the Tata Dolphin , Tata Motors explored Jaguar possibilities in order to create a car that combines the  best of both manufacturers.

Tata Dolphin Features

Tata Dolphin sports the hatchback design of a small Tata like the Indica Vista which is given the final touches of a Jaguar. Thus, it sports all Jaguar’s stylistic features, sleek and refined appearance and all. It is impressive and attractive it cannot go unnoticed. Tata Dolphin has a 800cc engine which will be powered both on petrol and on diesel.

The Tata Dolphin diesel model is quite likely to be based on the Tata Indica’s engine. It is small but spacious, refined and curvy in appearance but with a very good performance.

Tata Dolphin launch

Tata Dolphin launch is expecyed to be in 2012 and that is why we do not have many details on it. Whatever information we have managed to gather comes strictly from leaks of photos on the internet and assumptions of its features and specifications.

Tata Dolphin competitiors

Tata Dolphin car will compete with Maruti Swift, Maruti Alto, Maruti Wagnor R and Hyundai Santro Xing. Tata Dolphin model is derived from JAGUAR concept. What we do know is that Tata Motors is one manufacturer whose cars cost low but they are very durable and fuel efficient; cars which are appealing to a large demographic base but which sport excellent features and specifications.

Tata Dolphin car will be a perfect choice for those who live in rural areas because they are cars which are very strong and resilient.

Thus, Tata Dolphin car appears to combine appearance with performance, it comes by a reliable manufacturer and it is good value for money.