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Tata Aria Price in India, Tata Aria launch along Tata Magic Iris launch

Tata Aria price in India

Tata Aria price in India is Rs. Rs 7 Lakh Onwards has been showcased by Tata Motors at Auto Expo 2010. Along with Tata Aria, Tata Motors also showcased Tata Magic Iris at Auto Expo 2010 Delhi.

At the same time Tata Motors has announced that it is planning to take Tata Nano to the US and UK markets. After Tata Nano, Tata Aria coupe is the newest car to be launched by the company.

Tata Aria model will be competing with popular car model Toyota Innova. Among all the Tata Brands, Tata Aria is the most expensive car. the car makers call Tata Aria a cross between luxury and medium segment cars.

Tata Aria, another small car in the mid range segment has been launched by India’s leading auto company on the occasion of 10th Auto Expo 2010. Combining features of luxury sedan and SUV this new car starts from a price range of Rs 7 lakh. The seven seater Tata Aria vehicle is expected to come on roads in the second quarter of the year 2010.

Tata Aria car blends functionality with luxury and has a substantial ground clearance. The theatre style cabin of Tata Aria has many premium features which include roof lamps which are dimming, built in GPS among others. The engine in Tata Aria vehicle is powerful and it has a steering wheel which is multifunctional. Apart from that Tata Aria has features like climate control and cruise control.

Tata Motors portrays Tata Aria as a cross over between the medium and luxury segment can be ordered at torque on demand and at the same time it sits on a ladder frame. The Tata Aria car also incorporates safety features, for the first time a vehicle has ESP and six airbags for safety.

Another car to be launched in this show is Tata Magic Iiris and like Tata Nano it is a baby car. Various experts opine that Tata Magic Iiris might not be suited for the Indian road. However the Tata automakers are hopeful that this car, like Nano, will find many takers.


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