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Targus launches wireless laser mouse at price Rs. 1775 with 3 year warranty

Targus wireless laser mouse price in India

Targus group, one of the leading providers of computer has launched a new wireless laser mouse AMW51AP. The mouse is called as AMW51US in USA and AMW51EU in Europe. Targus mouse comes with a three years of warranty and is priced at Rs. 1775 in Indian Market.

Targus has named the mouse as AMW51AP for the Indian market. Targus group is renowned for accessories like laptop cases, bags, keyboards and mouse. Targus mouse AMW51AP has ergonomically designed soft and flexible side grips to reduce palm strains. In other words people who continuously use mouse would be able to avoid palm strain to certain extent.

Targus mouse is available in 2 colors black and grey. The mouse dimensions are approximately 4.25” x 2.25” x 1.33” and weighs around 118grams. These days increased dependence on computers has led to new kinds of strains in the population. These problems such as palm strain, arm muscle pain etc can aggravate if ignored. Targus mouse with its ergonomic features would shoo away these pains and help in smooth trouble free working.

The unique feature of Targus wireless mouse is that it uses 1200DPI laser technology. The 1200DPI laser sensor further improves the accuracy of the mouse and helps in seamless and smooth mouse movements. Targus AMW51AP also uses the new RF 2.4GHz technology which reduces the cordless interference to a great extent.

Targus mouse AMW51AP comes along with a micro USB wireless receiver which needs to be plugged into our computer machines. This micro USB wireless receiver has a range of almost 10 meters or approx 33 feets. So for all movie/music enthusiasts now it would be possible to stop/start or change the music options from as far as 10 meters.

Targus mouse AMW51AP is suitable for both left and right handed users; the mouse can be used for desktops as well as laptops. This mouse comes along with high quality energizer batteries with a battery life of almost 15 months. There are battery life indicators telling us of how much battery life is left. This would allow the users to prepare a backup before Targus AMW51AP runs out of battery.

Targus mouse AMW51AP wide 10 meters range, 1200DPI laser sensor for smooth mouse movements, a good set of battery backup and free of wires is sure to attract customers.