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Synmatec security software Norton Everywhere for mobiles in market

Synmatec’s Norton has been a pioneer in computer security since the early 90’s, but seeing the recent shift in technology from PC’s to smartphones for accessing the web , a growth in the need for security against eavesdropping is identified by the President of Symantec's Consumer Business.

Keeping this in mind Norton has announced a new line of products aimed for the mobile market under the brand name of Norton Everywhere. This has been accompanied with the release of the beta versions of three softwares namely Norton Smartphone Security, Norton Connect and Norton DNS the full versions of which are proposed to be released in June.

The Norton Connect beta is a free of cost facility for accessing the files that have been archived using either Norton Online Backup or Norton 360 via an iPhone, iPad or Android device from any place at any time. So, a potential user can archive all his important files on the internet access these files even if he is on the move.

Symantec has pronounced its new Norton Domain Name Server internet security which shall make an alternate DNS server available through the DYN Inc. , to expose its users to faster, secure and safer online browsing experience.

And, the most importantly Norton Smartphone Security beta, targeted mainly for the Android, Symbian and Windows Mobiles shall provide features such as information theft prevention, blocking calls and text messages and protection against malicious code attacks. It will provide an extra security to devices by locking them via a text message hence protecting them against loss or theft.

Symantec has also joined as the partner program of HTC MobilityNow, a divison of HTC Corporation. Symantec and HTC MobilityNow are now working in concert for software development and testing on Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

The release is scheduled to take place in June. But for now, a new mobile website m.norton.com has been released along with the softwares for all mobile users to get access to latest news, videos and downloads from Norton and also probably to popularize their entry into the mobile world. The new site is available in English and is scheduled to be available in German and Japanese by the end of June this year.