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Suzuki upgraded New Swift unveiled, ready for launch by September

Recently Suzuki had posted images of new 3 generation Swift on their official site; new Swift is scheduled to be available soon in autumn or maybe in September in UK. New Suzuki’s Swift has hatchback design and better engine capable of advance automobile mechanism.

Improvements and changes in Swift has been incorporated to raise fuel-efficiency standards, aero-dynamism, intelligence of engine and safety measures, and more importantly, endeavor to make Swift more comprehensive and powerful to challenge other rivals. New Suzuki’s Swift also have better interior in comparison to later versions; the new Swift’s interior is more sensible and elegant which gives you better spacious look and trendy and stylish furnishing.

Keeping in mind the rising petrol and diesel demands and prices, Suzuki has worked out on design and engine to make new Swift lighter and better fuel efficient without compromising desirable output however in this case results has been taken to higher level.

The new Swift has 1.2 liter petrol engine available in both petrol and diesel variants, presently, Swift is available with 1.3 liter engine. 1.2 liter petrol engine is set out to generate 95BHP with the help of dual VVT system technology integrated. Dual VVT system is capable of 94PS at 6000 rpm and torque upgraded to 118Nm at 4800 rpm, so overall fuel consumption would be 56.5 mpg, which is lower than previous version.

Suzuki’s Swift diesel variant will have 1.3 liter engine available in next year in UK, with overall fuel consumption of 67.3 mpg. Swift diesel car design is approved of Euro 5 provisions, which ensures better comfort, safety and powerful mechanics both for environment and buyers.

Suzuki’s Swift car design has been remodeled with improvements, which is not only sensible in design idea but also a lot safer for both the car’s passengers and pedestrians. Suzuki’s new Swift has hatchback design which could be available in 4 or 5 door variants.

Meanwhile Suzuki has discussed about the plans to launch new Swift in UK, and nothing on the confirmation for the launch of new Swift in US and India has came up from Suzuki. However, Suzuki won’t miss-out India and other developing nations where Swift has wider popularity and higher sales.