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Suzuki Kizashi priced around Rs. 9 lac, One of the Best in Mid size Sedans

Suzuki Kizashi Price in India

Suzuki Kizashi has been launched at an affordable price. The Suzuki Kizashi price begins from$ 18,999 and scales up to $26,749.

With Suzuki Kizashi a new model of mid size sedans for car lovers, Suzuki wants to build a brand in the Indian car market which is getting increasingly competitive.

Suzuki Kizashi with its low entry price, impressive quality, as well as efficient functioning including an all-wheel drive stands apart from the usual crowd of midsize sedans owing to . The Suzuki Kizashi is 183.1 inches long and has a shape which is quite varied from other midsize sedans. It is equipped with the variable automatic transmission and appeals not only to the everyday commuter but to the race enthusiast as well.

Suzuki Kizashi is in line with four cylinder class leaders and its mileage is its most impressive feature. Suzuki Kizashi's maximum 23/30 mpg city blows away all the wheel drive and this is done at a price which is over 6000$ less than the most affordable wheel drive fusion.

Suzuki Kizashi is an excellent vehicle to be driven in snow. The Suzuki Kizashi car has an on/off button through which if you leave the car in front wheel drive mode not only will it save your gas but at the same time it will ensure security. Unlike other cars with all-wheel drive, the Suzuki Kizashi allows its drive wheels to spin so that the momentum is built but the control is not lost.

The interior quality of Suzuki Kizashi car is also very pleasant. Suzuki Kizashi has good design, uses good material and has a good construction. The plush leather seats can ensure that you have a comfortable ride in the car. So buy a Suzuki Kizashi and enjoy riding in this great car.