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Sprint Joins Hands with HTC to bring out the HTC EVO 4g this Summer

Sprint is exclusively giving the HTC EVO 4G in this summer. This is going to be the first 3G or 4G Android device in the world. This new device brings with it very interesting features. The details regarding the prices are however unknown.

However gadget lovers are excited about its launch as it marks to a significant extent a revolution in the gadget world thanks to its many innovative features. So what are the innovative features associated with it? We take a quick look at some of them and try to find out what makes it special.

Today a mobile phone is not simply a mobile phone but has many such associated features. Be it camera or music system the phone has it all. This phone is also not an exception and it has many unique and special features associated with it and this makes it a gadget worth having. An 8.0 mega pixel auto-focus camera is available with this.

This camera is accompanied with HD capable video camcorder as well as 1.3 mega pixel camera which is forward facing. Excellent picture quality really makes this device impressive. So if you are looking for a mobile phone which also has a camera inbuilt this is a great option.

The 4G experiences can be shared with a maximum of 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices. So isn’t this great? This device can give the customers something beyond their expectation and imagination. The 4G speeds would take the mobile multi media to an entirely new level which would include features like live video streaming, picture downloads as well as gaming. The improved speeds would also enable the easy and quick download of pictures, games, video, movie and music.

This handset can also provide the user with the HTC sense experience. In addition to the features present in the HTC Hero, the EVO 4G adds several new features. The multimedia gizmo would support the Adobe Flash technology so that the user can get rich internet content.  The user would be able to integrate multiple social communication channels into an organized flow of updates.

At the same time, they would also be able to snap up the HTC EVO 4G through all the channels of Sprint along with that of national retail partners, Radio Shack and Walmart.