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Sprint HTC Evo 4G boasts of breaking all sales records on the first day!!

The HTC Evo, the first Android smartphone with 4G technology support, was out for the sales today, but the turnout and sales of this handset did break all sales records on the first day itself, and even it has been thought that there might have turned out some deficits in many of the retail stores.

Though, at the same time, that is, today, Apple has launched its 4G iPhone, the sales showed a picture of people more interested in the HTC Evo based on 4G technology. But according to an analyst, he predicted that some of the HTC Evo smartphones may get returned to the retail stores, after the people see the latest 4G iPhone.

The HTC Evo 4G handset has been awarded the Editor’s Choice Award by PCMag.com. The information suggested that the record sales of the HTC Evo 4G phone was three times more than the record sales of the first three days of the Samsung Instinct or that of the Palm Pre devices.

According to Sprint, due to the increased sales and breaking of the sales records, there has been a report of shortages in some of the stores, and that, the company will put in their best effort each day and ship some additional phones to the 22,000 locations of its sales in the US.

"HTC EVO 4G is a clear winner for customers with the powerful combination of an amazing multimedia experience in 3G coverage areas that becomes even better in our growing number of 4G markets. It is terrific to see customers react so positively to this device and the innovative experience it brings to them," said Dan Hesse, Sprint's chief executive, in a statement.