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Spice M-67 price in India, Spice M-67 3D price and features first 3D phone

Spice M-67 price in India

The newest M-67 handset from Spice Mobile is India’s first 3D phone with a 2.4 inch audio-stereoscopic handset and it comes at a price of Rs. 4.299. the phone is going to be known ad View D. You wont require any kind of special glasses to see the 3D images and it is certainly a great news for us all since we were till date used to the glasses to see the image as 3D.

Spice Mobile M67 is crafted with sleek and stylish attributes and it is a good phone smart and beautifully designed too. It has got an accurate sound clarity and the integrated speakers enhance such a quality of the phone. The phone also employs a special media player which enables the users to switch between the 2D and 3D modes of display. View D also includes a 3D Image Viewer, as well as 3D UI, which boosts the phone's 3D experience.

The 3D phone, View D is also dual SIM and it comes with a 2 megapixel camera with digital zoom, scene mode, white balance and color effect. Apart form the MP3 players, M-67 3D handset also has got the FM radio with FM recording feature, micro SD card slot for memory expansion which can go up to 16 GB.

Kunal Ahooja, CEO and Director of Spice Mobiles is naturally very excited about this new phone which is soon going to be available for the eager customers. It will be sold through 50,000 retail outlets as well as 750 Spice HotSpot stores all over India.

He said in an interview to the reporters, “This mobile device, with a 3D display has been launched in India for the first time. We have created this new device to fulfill the latest demands of smart mobile phone users. We expect that the View D will get popular amongst the youth, as they are always looking for smarter and newer ways of communication. The Spice View D satisfies ours hunger to bring in innovative technology as well as their need of trying something new and cool.”


Spice Mobile M-67 3D at price Rs. 4,299 with audio stereoscopic
Spice Mobile M-67 3D at price Rs. 4,299
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