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Sony makes significant announcements in E3 2010 Conference about PS3

The E3 conference 2010 just finished and made announcements of its latest PS3, the motion-controller PlayStation Move. The first significant announcement was that PlayStation Move will be coming to North America on September 19th. The Move Controller will be available at the starting price of $49 and the optional navigation controller for $29.

The conference also announced the price for a bundle that included PlayStation Eye Toy camera and Sports Champion game which is $99. Another bundle was announced that included PS3 and the $99 bundle for $399 which will be available later this year.

The E3 Expo 2010 also announced a new paid PlayStation Network subscription plan. Sony announced its latest paid subscription service termed as PlayStation Plus which promises to deliver an enhanced PlayStation Network experience. The subscription charges for the service will start at $17 for 3 months and $49 for the whole year.

This service comes with features such as early access to demos, free and discounted PSN content, beta invites and much more. For the users who want it there will not be any changes to the current free PSN structure, the new service adds more content to the current structure.

Sony’s E 3conference 2010 made yet another announcement about its highly anticipated Valve title Portal 2. Sony will bring the Valve title Portal 2 to PlayStation 3 on the same day as the PC and Xbox 360 versions. Portal 2 will be ‘the best version on any console’ as put by Gabe Newell of Valve.