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Sony Xperia price in India, Smartphone Sony Vivaz price in India

Sony Xperia price in India

Sony Ericsson has unveiled its exciting new Xperia and Vivaz range. The entire portfolio of phones included the much awaited Xperia X10, Xperia X10 mini, Xperia X10 mini pro, Vivaz and Vivaz pro. Sony has further announced an aggressive marketing campaign and has roped in the gorgeous and talented actress Kareena Kapoor as its new brand ambassador.

Sony Ericsson also debuts her social networking that will allow her to engage with the rapidly growing digitally –evolved fan base over various social networking platforms -as summed by Hirokazu Ishizuka, corporate Vice President & Head of Asia Pacific region, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication.

Sony aims to take the entertainment and communication legacy to new heights with the launch of its Xperia and Vivaz series. The entire range of Vivaz and Xperia phones by Sony Ericsson combines rich graphics with intelligent capabilities. But this time Sony’s marketing campaign will lay greater stress on social networks marketing which is in tune with today’s customer’s demands.

The proliferation of social and digital media is changing the customers experience with the mobile phones today and Sony strives to deliver a product to just match this requirement with Vivaz and Xperia range.

Speaking at the launch Kareena Kapoor said, “I am very happy to be associated with Sony Ericsson. Having experienced the new phone –the Xperia X10, I believe that Sony Ericsson truly represents the fusion of communication and entertainment in mobile device.”

Even Sony Ericsson is equally glad to have the most-widely followed youth-icon, Kareena Kapoor as its brand ambassador as she matches the level of energy, vibrancy, passion and fun associated with Sony Ericsson. Among many other features, Sony this time has introduced signature applications like Mediascape and Timescape that enables the users to organize everything in their phone in a more intuitive way.

The Timescape by Sony manages all communication with one person in one place. It helps users to browse through their conversation and check out their Facebook, Twitter, Emails, photos and texts in just one go. The Mediascape lets the users an easy access to content from everywhere, like YouTube, PlayNow, and phone and represent them all in one place. It is a smart way to get photos, videos and music from their favorite artists and friends.