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Sony Xperia X8 price in India, Sony Xperia X8 features 3.2MP Camera

Sony Xperia X8 smartphone price in India

The latest of the Android based smartphone from Sony Ericsson; Xperia X8 will be available at the market price of less that Rs. 14,000. Among many other attractive features, the most enticing is the starch resistant capacitive screen which has a 320X480 resolution.

The newly launched phone has a 3.2 megapixel camera with fixed focus. It 99X 54X 15 mm in measurement and it weighs around 104grm. The touchscreen has a pixel set up of 320X 480 which can again provide an option of 16M colors.

Sony Ericsson Timescape lets all the communication come together at one place. Updates from Facebook, Twitter and missed call alerts are all placed finely at a chronological order. The 3.5 mm jack lets you listen to the music of your favorite singers.

The virtual onscreen keyboard makes the typing more swift and easy. The Android based Xperia was officially unveiled moths ago but now we have the prices for this phone. According to Sony Ericsson, it just started shipping the XPERIA X8, “which is the new addition to our family of Android based phones. The key selling point of the X8 is of course it’s very nice form factor sitting right in between the X10 mini and the big X10 in size.”

Other interesting feature of this phone is the GS receiver, Google Maps and the four corner UI. Connectivity for the phone includes 3G, Wi-Fi b/g and Bluetooth 2.1.“Since much of the discussions here are about the forthcoming Android update I’d also like to make clear that also X8 is Android 1.6 from launch and will get the planned Android 2.1 update later this year,” Sony Ericsson's Rikard Skogberg notes in a post on the company's product blog.

The phone is available in different colors that mean that the phone provides to the taste of style conscious people. Nearly all types of functions have been incorporated and a stylish edge has also been provided to make the phone a real treasure.


sony ericson x-peria types
sony ericson x-peria types
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