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Sony Xperia X12 to retail at price 650 euro with larger display features

Sony Xperia X12 price in India

The all new Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 or ‘Anzu’ as it is codenamed  is already much talked about before the official launch, it is yet a mystery for the users that whether the sequel will prove to be app-laudable or not.

As for now, it was revealed that the device is going for sale in March next year at a price of 650 euros. While many has commented on the unofficial blog bitterly that is a mere sequel to X10 with just an upgraded Android gingerbread, having pre conceived notion about the device so early is not advisable.

The unofficial unveiling of the predominant features revealed are pretty decent, with latest Android build, namely Android Gingerbread, it is powered by Snapdragon processor also the screen going larger to 4.3 inches and expected to be powered by HDMI output which was not there in four inch predecessor, Xperia X10. Although the images revealed lately shows its similar ultra slim look.

The more particular Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 specifications includes 854x480 capacitive touchscreen, X.LED multi-touch display with 16 Million display color which are its latest lucrative addition, powered with 1500 mA battery cover hoping to give a decent battery cover over time, 8.1-megapixel auto focusing camera with recording capability of 720p video at 30fps and having HDMI external output or one can even take advantage of 802.11n Wi-Fi.

The HDMI cable is expected to be lot more beneficial. It also has built in 3.6mm w/adaptor and noise suppression with face recognition and tracking in video recording.

The information about Xperia X12 so far is all unofficially unveiled and yet to be confirmed by the official sources, it is also rumored that the device would be on the shelves in first quarter of next year and will price about 650 euros, one should have patience and just not consider it a mere sequel to the previous launches with only significance of Android Gingerbread incorporated.


Sony Xperia X12 to retail at price 650 euro
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