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Sony Xperia X10 price in India, Sony Xperia X10 features 8.1 MP camera

Sony Xperia X10 price in India

Sony Ericsson launches Xperia X10 for all those addicted to communication and entertainment. The latest phone lets you explore Timescape, the new feature launched by Sony which enables you to use your Facebook feeds and see the conversations and let you update in one glance.

You can communicate with a person together at one place. Your Facebook, Twitter, text messages, photos and email can be gathered at one place so that you don’t have to bother to open different apps.

The Mediascape feature of Xperia X10 is designed to offer some serious entertainment for all the fun hungry mobile users who can take a trip to their music, videos and photos via this new feature whether stored on online. You can access your media from anywhere-PlayNow, YouTube or phone memory. You can also download any apps you require form Android Market and customize you Xperia X10 and have it exclusively yours.

Kareena Kapoor, the new brand ambassador of Sony Ericsson said, “Having experienced the new phone-the Xperia X10, I believe that Sony Ericsson truly represents the fusion of communication and entertainment in mobile devices.”

With your Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 you will never get lost as the phone comes with a built-in GPS. It also supports location based services like Google Maps and Wisepilot that helps you get to your destination for easily. You can also use the geo-tagging function and add location info to your images.

You can make use of its Turbo 3G speed which gives you broadband like speed and helps you easily download large files and email attachments in a few moments. It also helps you get websites and news feeds on your screen very fast.

The new Xperia X10 by Sony Ericsson also enables you to sync your old phone with it. You can easily transfer Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Bookmarks to your new phone. You can also manage and access up to date information from anywhere with this Sync feature. Among other specifications are its 480 X 854 pixel WVGA 65,536-color TFT touchscreen, 1GB memory with SanDisk microSD up to 16 GB, QWERTY key pad, Bluetooth Connectivity, Wi-Fi and USB support.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 comes with an 8.1 MP camera with auto focus and recognizes up to five faces in a photo and automatically stores them under your friends in your phone. Other camera features include Digital Zoom up to 16X, video light, flash light, image stabilizer, smile detection and video recording.