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Sony Xperia X10 mini price in India Sony Xperia X10 mini price and features

Sony Xperia X10 mini price in India

Sony Ericson has almost secretively launched the smaller version of the Xperia X10 known as the Sony Xperia X10 mini in India. The size of mobile phones has always been a matter of concern for the big players in the market especially in India, because the Indian customer seems to pay more focus on the size and look of the mobile phone rather than its features while buying one.

The Xperia x10 is powered by the Android 1.6 OS, literally backwards when considered that the current version is Android2.2.

So, what is Mini in Xperia X10 mini?  Well virtually everything from the exteriors to the processor .Starting with the screen size, when compared with the real Xperia x10 screen, the screen of Xperia x10 mini is virtually minute 2.55 inches to be precise against the 4 inches of Xperia X10. The exteriors has been kept similar to that of the big brother Xperia x10 the front screen is smooth while the back is covered with fingerprint resistant rubbery finish.

The handset comes with the QVGA resolution which is ideal for this screen size and but the display quality seems to be very poor as the phone suffer from extreme external reflections which makes the phone very difficult to use during bright sunlight.

Sony Xperia X10 mini phone has a 5 MP camera and not 8 as the elder bro Xperia x10 does the processor of the device is also a degraded one as the it is a 600 MHz processor rather than the 1 GHz one that is present in the Xperia X10. The thing that should not bother any of the technology freaks is the video quality; the phone supports the WVGA and not HVGA as done by the Xperia X10.

However there are a few matters that need to be looked into more seriously which is the lack of support of the latest Wi-Fi kit 802.11n this will not be a problem in present but seeing the rate at which the world is shifting towards the 802.11n kit this might be a problem in the future. Moreover, the battery of the phone is non-replaceable and so the real battery life is unknown but it is estimated to give a support of up to 285 hours in stand-by.

The Xperia x10 mini as I stated above is mini in everything including the cost the phone will be available for only  Rs.15,000/- good device if you don’t have enough to wait for the Android version phones coming to India later this year.