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Sony Vaio J Series, Designer Class PC Launched in India

Observing Vaio laptops popularity and sales, Sony has stepped into Indian personal computer market with launch of Vaio J Series Multi-Touch PC with all-in-one functionality. Sony Vaio J series design is matter of class-status adjacent with high-quality technology to take users to new dimension of personal computer technology experience.

Now Sony Vaio J series will soon be available in India, and if you’re planning to buy a desktop then you should wait for announcement of prices because Sony has hinted to offer Vaio J series at affordable cost.

Sony Vaio J series is assembled of monitor integrated with CPU, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. Vaio J series LCD screen is sized at 21.5 inches with 1920x1080p full HD technology enabled with multi-touch screen functionality. Vaio J series LCD screen has superable quality attributed to clean and clear superior graphic support.

Vaio J series PC will be powered by i series Intel core processor 2010, according to technology experts i series core processors are really powerful to give instant accessibility and processing, and also enable user to perform multi-task by using various applications access simultaneously.

8 GB RAM is integrated on Vaio J series PC to support multi-tasking. Beside this, NVIDIA GeForce graphics is powerful enough to support heavy graphics without any disruption or breakage in frames and timeline. On some models Blu-Ray technology will also be available to offer high-definition movie playback feature.

Some PC assembled on Vaio J series won’t be able to give powerful gaming experience but however other high-end PC with smarter version of GeForce and larger memory RAM will offer super fast gaming console experience. Sony has asserted that Vaio J series have been developed specially for entertainment and multimedia playability, and to some extent Vaio J series does not disappoint us on this point.

Sony has targeted larger Indian PC user customer market and if they would offer affordable prices then they could tap deeper and larger popularity and potential in India. However, Sony agreeing with this thought, indirectly hinted to offer Vaio J series range at affordable cost which could turn into mass sales for them and Vaio J series could be hot cake in jiffy.

For the time-being we need to wait and watch, that if Sony has any surprise to reveal in July with availability of Vaio J series in Indian market to purchase.